Online Absentee Bidding

How To Bid:

The way that absentee bids are handled: Your left bid is administered for you, competitively, during the auction, which means, as if you were there. That is, we the auction staff bid on your behalf, starting at the lowest possible selling price, until other bids exceed your bid or there are no other competing bidders, up to the maximum amount you have designated.

For example: You have left a bid of $100 on Lot AA. The auctioneer will start the bidding at $20

(or $10 for book lots), the left bid paddle is raised for you, then someone in the audience bids $30, and the left bid paddle is again raised for you, at $40; the audience bidder bids $50

and the paddle is raised for you at $60.

No one in the audience bids further, (there are no other left bids),

and you are the successful bidder on Lot AA, for $60.

(Lots are auctioned at $5, $10 & $25 increments, therefore if you leave a bid for $22

the maximum bid adminitered for you is $20.)

It is possible for absentee bidders to win an auction lot for less than their high bid. 

If two left bids are received for the same amount for the same lot,

the earliest of the bids will be the the bid administered by the auction house.

All absentee bidding will start June 1, 2021

and must be received by the deadline of June 10, 2021.

Buyer's Premium

Click this link to see the buyer’s premium

that will be added to the successful bids.

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