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Our next auctions will be

June 27 & 28, 2020

October 31 & Nov. 1, 2020


In the midst of these unprecedented times that are changing our lives in so many ways,

we have been watching the news carefully about the

Covid-19 case numbers and all of the related restrictions.

Everyone’s safety and well-being are the crucial factors.

Therefore we have decided to plan for the auction to be entirely online, where everyone can peruse the lots at leisure from the comfort of their home.

On June 11, there will be posted on this site the link to the bidding site. (see link to the right). Once there, you will need to register as a bidder in order to start bidding on June 12.

The online auction bidding will start on Friday June 12th,

and end as described below on Sunday June 28:

The first 400 lots will end their auctions at 5 PM EST;

lots 402-800 will end their auctions at 7 PM EST on June 28th;

lots 801-1200 will end their auctions at 9 PM EST on June 28th.

This staggering of finish times allows for some breathing time, and perhaps, refiguring the bids you want to make for later lots, based on wins and losses in the earlier lot group(s).

(Note: If you have made a reservation at the Best Western, please make sure to cancel it: 603-627-2525.)

To go to our online auction

bidding site

(and to see even more pictured lots):

Starts Friday, June 12th.

Online Auction Bidding

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